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When it comes down to the Interiors designed throughout our portfolio it usually comes down to 4 main principles.

The Material, Light, Ambience & Texture.

To be able to deliver high-end luxury interior designs working with all four principles with a high attention for design we are able to imbue creativity, exclusivity and luxury to complement our designs. Our dedicated designers work closely with clients to create unique concepts that deliver to the highest of expectations. A all of our projects have included a touch of decadence to enliven the lives of the owners.

Many of our projects have interior additions which include pools, spas & cinemas.

Architect7 have worked on a whole array of exciting projects in many geographic locations up and down the UK.

Our traditional approach which involves the upmost quality interiors built on relationships & communication with our clients through the entire process of each and enery one of their builds have allowed us to work on some incredible projects up and down the UK



Our team offers a unique and comprehensive range of services to help clients create a home they can be proud of. We are passionate about contemporary house design and relish the opportunity to translate the desires and ideas of individuals into exquisite, plush home interiors.


For a lot of people, simply creating beautiful home is enough for beautiful life, So the prospect of having to decorate and furnish their dream home can be a self enlightening adventure.

We can appear at any stage you wish during that adventure to guide source and install any aspect of how you wish your ideal interior to be. Our accurate 3D walk-through service means that clients can see detailed visuals of how each room in the house would look when complete, helping them monitor their project closely without any large time investment.

We are experts at working to a budget, and through our list of suppliers we are able to source a vast range of fixtures, fittings and finishes at a fraction of the retail cost.


Whilst we are passionate about design we are not pompous, pretentious or arrogant. Our clients are not short of ideas of how they would like their homes to look but need a little design direction and a helping hand.
Our team will work consulatively to help articulate ideas into viable designs. We pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside our clients, but we are not afraid to challenge you or advise you in order to create the most stunning home possible when there is little additional cost.

We have a broad knowledge of the latest designs and materials as well as access to a long list of furnishing suppliers, we are able to help our clients achieve dreamlike results whilst saving them money in the process.


Even though many of us enjoy designing and sourcing their own home interiors, there still are many of us that simply don’t have the time or desire to put everything in place. For these people we offer to oversee the purchase and fitting of their chosen interiors and co-ordinate installations in tandem with the main building works.

We can help in all instances. From floor finishes to kitchens, bathrooms, built in furniture and even bespoke Joinery.

Once you’ve chosen your interior we can source them at the best possible prices across the UK and have them ready on site to make sure that they are installed on time. This is an additional service that is there if you need it.

we are always on hand and happy to help!


Soon after moving in, Our team has the training to give advice on the operation of key mechanical and electrical equipment in your home for example, electric roof lights ambient lighting or even built-in acoustic & media centers. This will help you make the most of any fantastic new home technology that exists around your home.

You will make sure that you receive an sign off document or maintenance manual from our recommended contractor, which includes.
This includes certificates, key contact details, final construction drawings, warranty , health and safety & other other documentation you may require.

This Islington planning portal is an obstacle course. My initial hopes were slim after the team told me that four neighbours had objected to my plans. But here I am with a full footprint loft conversion and a 5 meter full width rear extension.

G. Thomas


Your allocated Architect and your primary contractor will discuss property maintenance options for key elements within your home. This will maintain your warranties and ensure the smooth running of your house.

You can also request continued property maintenance contracts following the completion of our Aftercare Service, which we will present for your consideration near to the issue of the Final Completion Certificate.


Your house, though solid, is not lifeless. Heat, cold, garden nature and vibrations can cause movement in the structure our of your home which may result in the development of small cracks or cause parts to move. To help keep your home as perfect as possible, we ask that you record a log of any defects which develop during the warranty period and even after.

For serious matters we can book an appointment with your assigned architect if they still work for Architect7 to visit your home, go through the defects and arrange for them to be rectified.