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Permitted Development (PD)

Some projects that involve works on a house can be built without planning permission. This is feasible if a property enjoys “Permitted Development rights” (PD). These rights derive from the Town and Country Planning Act, as amended, and have been created by Central Government. In principle, your PD rights are unaffected by policies and preferences of the local Councils, however it is wise to be very cautious before doing any construction work. Numerous Councils seek to resist PD by very strict interpretations of the rules and this can lead to Enforcement action, (eg. for outbuildings or roof extensions which may be slightly bigger than the PD allows). Additional restrictions on PD may arise if the project is in a Conservation Areas, or in Green Belt, or related to a Listed Building.

In order that you can gain certainty that your extension or other PD project is free from future Enforcement, it is worth considering an application for a ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’. This is also known as a ‘Certificate of Lawful Development’, and it can be applied for either before or after the construction has taken place. Except for the very simplest of extensions, it is strongly recommended that the certificate is applied for before building work takes place. A further benefit of a certificate is that any future buyers of your property, (or their legal advisers), will be reassured that you have approval.

The intention of PD is so that householders can avoid the more complex process of applying for ‘Full’ planning permission. It also reduces the amount of work that the Councils have to perform, (for example, because there is no public consultation required). Therefore the Council fees are lower. Subject to certain specified conditions, projects that can be built under PD rights include:

  • Porches and conservatories
  • Outbuildings, including sheds and garages
  • Loft conversions, with or without roof extensions
  • Rear and side extensions
  • 2-storey rear extensions

The conditions that determine whether a project is legitimate under Permitted Development rights are detailed by the government in the General Permitted Development Order, (as amended), and relate to the size, scale and design on proposals, including the external materials.



Even though many of us enjoy designing and sourcing their own home interiors, there still are many of us that simply don’t have the time or desire to put everything in place. For these people we offer to oversee the purchase and fitting of their chosen interiors and co-ordinate installations in tandem with the main building works.

We can help in all instances. From floor finishes to kitchens, bathrooms, built in furniture and even bespoke Joinery.

Once you’ve chosen your interior we can source them at the best possible prices across the UK and have them ready on site to make sure that they are installed on time. This is an additional service that is there if you need it.

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Soon after moving in, Our team has the training to give advice on the operation of key mechanical and electrical equipment in your home for example, electric roof lights ambient lighting or even built-in acoustic & media centers. This will help you make the most of any fantastic new home technology that exists around your home.

You will make sure that you receive an sign off document or maintenance manual from our recommended contractor, which includes.
This includes certificates, key contact details, final construction drawings, warranty , health and safety & other other documentation you may require.

This Islington planning portal is an obstacle course. My initial hopes were slim after the team told me that four neighbours had objected to my plans. But here I am with a full footprint loft conversion and a 5 meter full width rear extension.

G. Thomas