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Project Description

Project Description

A friendly warm couple approached Architect7 with the opportunity to extend their Victorian home in Islington with a double storey rear extension of an enlarge glass light room to be used as an extension to the kitchen as well as a very nature bright inspiring studying room.

They we were inspired to undertake this project after a neighbor constructed a light box in the rear of their home too. Architect7 took care of the planning permission process through the Islington planning portal which went smoothly and was helped by the already thoroughly done research carried out but the owners prior to our contact.

The project also involved large roof lights directly in the dining area, connecting to the lounge and the kitchen above. The upstairs study also featured large sliding glass doors which leads out to balcony over looking scenic neighboring rooftops & trees.

Out in the garden the patio area was built with cream tiling and which leads onto the bed which is filled with evergreen plants and shrubs alongside hard weathering exotic looking trees.

Islington Planning Permission Portal 

The Islington Planning Permission Portal

In Islington the A7  still manage to obtain a 95% planning approval success rate. This is has become a mark of pride when you consider that the project takes place  in London’s strictest borough with a high rate of neighborly objections.