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After planning is approved

After planning has been approved. It is up to you to find your builder to build the proposed plans.

You have 3 years after planning has been approved. Clients can either go straight into the build, or wait some time to gain additional budget & to settle on the style of the interior theme or they can sell after approval new potential on the house can increase the market value.

The builder connection service

We will connect you directly to one of our trusted builders from a pool of 3. The first benefit you will notice is the time you will save from vetting your own builders.  So they will be familiar with the plans they receive and keys and references on the architectural plans & exactly who to contact within our team to gain clarity & additional info on project details

Why go for our recommended builders?

To put it briefly, we want your project to materialise into the beautiful spectre of a home you planed with us just as much as you do.

We want to be able to take pictures of the finished project to display and showcase on our website.

Because of this we recommend the builders that have carried out past projects to a high standard and who we are familiar with connecting with.

The UK property market has enjoyed a mini boom since reopening after the lockdown.  and the

government’s stamp duty cut could result in more people moving home over the next few months.

With more and more retail outlets and high street shops closing, properties are reclaiming the high streets with being reassigned for accommodation are becoming more popular

We Create Unique Underground Space

Whether you’re planning a gym, a games room, or a sauna. If you are considering a basement excavation project, Architect7 have the perfect solution for you.

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