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Architectural Drawings

A site survey is carried out at the property to gather all the measurements and dimensions of the existing site. We use hand-held lasers and tape measures as well as digital mapping technology with Bluetooth to survey each property and the surrounding areas (as applicable for each project).

Usually within a few days all the existing architectural drawings and the first draft of the proposed scheme are prepared. All architectural drawings are produced to scale by our architectural CAD technicians and property designers. One of our consultants will discuss your ideas for the proposed scheme including internal layouts and any other relevant features for the planning application.

Once completed, the proposed drawings are finalised and are forwarded to the client for approval. Following the clients approval the drawings are submitted to the council via the planning portal.

All our architectural drawings meet the validation requirements of the local planning authority. The level of detail to be shown on the drawings will vary depending on the nature of the proposed development.

Architecture Construction Drawings

Once planning permission is granted, we will prepare architecture construction drawings for the next phase of the project. We can produce the Tender Pack with the Building Regulations and Construction Details and Schedules for the builders. We currently offer this service in London and Manchester only.

Or team can carry out measured structured drawings from your brief and concept plans

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